We provide reliable and always-online hosting service, to ensure your website is accessible online, all the time, with a near 0% downtime. Our Web Hosting architecture is based on a scalable platform. If your website needs more space or bandwidth, we will provide the needed space or bandwidth, automatically. Ram and storage are guaranteed. We do not overload. If your website grows, we will make sure that the server carrying the hosting also expand to accommodate traffic to your website. Our servers are secure, safe, and solid as latte stone, to hold your website up, 24/7/365.
We administer our very own tier-leveled servers. This gives us immediate and direct access to the servers which host our clients’ websites. This eliminates unnecessary waste of time, if we were to otherwise have to contact a third party administrator when some concern needs to be addressed. Our support staff is literally a few feet away from the server admin. This puts control in our hands, and not leave us dependent on a third party’s working hours or toll-free numbers.

GuamWEBZ will take every effort to protect the domain name associated with your online presence. In fact, GuamWEBZ runs its very own Domain Name Registry Services, known as DomainsGuam

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