E-commerce has totally changed the way the world does business. Websites like have become synonymous with traditional market places, such as Walmart. Today, we can buy almost everything online. The technology that allows consumers to buy online and for businesses to make money online is dubbed "e-commerce". The term usually refers to "online stores", or websites from where consumers can shop.
GuamWEBZ builds, tests, and launches e-commerce solutions for almost every business type.

Along with online stores in websites and Facebook, GuamWEBZ also can provide in-store Point of Sale systems, all seamlessly connected and synced with your inventory. 
  • Complete shopping cart mechanism
  • Payment Integration using your credit card Merchant or Paypal
  • 100% Secure online shopping, with SSL certification
  • Featured products Listing
  • Products catalog
  • Live inventory of supplies
  • Shipping and Handling mechanism
  • Customer User Accounts management / registration
  • Customer Feedbacks
  • Customer Support
  • Email notifications / feedback email
  • Admin panel for online store management
  • Photo Gallery
  • Videos / presentation
  • More!

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