GuamWEBZ believes in the power of numbers. This is why we offer a comprehensive web usage tracking and reporting system. Our clients have access to their web statistics 24/7. This means, clients can view the number of Visits their website is receiving, where the visitors are from, what time of day is the website most visited, what keywords were used to find the website, and more! All statistics are in real-time.
GuamWEBZ offers both Webalizer and Google Analytics. We also train our clients to be able to read and interpret the numbers, and to gauge success of their website over the longevity of their website. Our consultants are always available to convert the technical measurement to simple language for better understanding.

With substantial data, we can help your organization develop and implement effective and efficient web strategies. 
What’s the difference between "number of hits" and "number of visits"?
Contact us, we can tell you the answer to this question and a lot more…


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