We encourage our clients to allow us to make accessible websites, for persons with disabilities. Accessible websites are also, in general, very user-friendly. We are well versed in code validation and in accessible-web design.  After completing your accessible website, we will execute compliance tests to assure your website is accessible and conforms to the principles of accessible design.
GuamWEBZ has worked with and remains in constant communication with local and national experts, who guide us and help us understand the needs of persons with disabilities, as they utilize the internet. Our goal is to make websites accessible to ALL. Persons with disabilities access the internet using assistive technology or other mechanisms. We can build websites that function with these mechanisms.
(Read more about W3C here: http://www.w3.org/)

GuamWEBZ can address and fix website accessibility issues. We first audit the website, make a plan, and implement the fixes. We also address succession of the website, so that the website maintains its accessible status through time, by prescribed protocols each time the website is updated or upgraded. Note, sometimes certain websites are so poorly designed, that making them accessible becomes a costly venture. In these cases, it is best to redesign the website and making it inherently accessible. ​

GuamWEBZ has conducted numerous training, especially with other government agencies, non-profit corporations, and some private firms. Out training is thorough. We use material GuamWEBZ has designed, such as PowerPoint Presentations, and more. GuamWEBZ introduces web accessibility as both "must do" as a matter of being compliant and also a matter of practicality. ​

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